Recommendation Systems with Python: steam_augury

*** For those just interested in the code and running it, you can find it off my github here:   I’ve been interested in recommendation systems for a while and I thought I’d try my hand at a new implementation in Python. My previous version, built in R, leveraged lots of data pulled from… Continue reading Recommendation Systems with Python: steam_augury

Bike Racing and Clustering

This cycling off-season, I’ve been experimenting with races on the game platform Zwift. These are cute online races where your digital avatar races against other real people at the same time by connecting your bike’s power output through a stationary trainer to your computer.   These races are put on by various communities like World… Continue reading Bike Racing and Clustering

The Data Science of Board Games @ PAX West

I had the great privilege to give a talk on using data science on data from the board gaming world this year at PAX West. The source data and code used in the talk can be found my github account: The presentation slides can be found below:   Over 300 people showed up to the talk,… Continue reading The Data Science of Board Games @ PAX West

Steam Games and Recommendation Systems

Every so often I’m at a loss to suggest what game I should recommend me and all my friends get together and play. Sometimes I’m at a loss for what game even I should be playing. After ruminating and playing around with some modelling scenarios, I think I may have designed a pretty decent game recommendation system… Continue reading Steam Games and Recommendation Systems

The Data Science of Board Games – Exploring the BoardGameGeek Database

Board games have changed. Much of the time when a friend suggests breaking out a board game to play, people will sigh. Monopoly, Life, dare I go so far as to say Checkers too? These are games that have been around forever (and by forever I mean the 1950s), take way too long to play,… Continue reading The Data Science of Board Games – Exploring the BoardGameGeek Database

Correlation, Causation, and Congress

The reddit site /r/dataisbeautiful too often has fun visualizations, but improper meaning derived from them. Some time ago, there was a post showing political donations to congress from the telecom lobby: Clearly the context is to try and show that there’s a lot of money being dumped into congress in order to affect their thinking on votes… Continue reading Correlation, Causation, and Congress