Steam Data Science – User Engagement Profiles

An early question that motivated the design of my steam_data_science python repository was trying to answer “how much do I really like this game?” The idea originally started because a lot of previous analyses I’ve done always relied on just raw user playtime data to do stuff. The problem is: a lot of my data… Continue reading Steam Data Science – User Engagement Profiles

2021 Top 10s

Top 10 Steam games (out of 47 played for 2021): GOTY: Hades Early Access GOTY: Cogmind DLC of the year: Crosscode – A New Home Top 3 Books (out of 7 read for 2021): Jonathan Abrams – All The Pieces Matter (BOTY) Rod Machado – Rod Machado’s Pilot Handbook Edward Tufte – Beautiful Evidence

Recommendation Systems with Python: steam_augury

*** For those just interested in the code and running it, you can find it off my github here:   I’ve been interested in recommendation systems for a while and I thought I’d try my hand at a new implementation in Python. My previous version, built in R, leveraged lots of data pulled from… Continue reading Recommendation Systems with Python: steam_augury