2020 top 10s

Hot on the heels of my long neglected 2019 top 10’s list is my list for the long year of 2020:

Top 6 books (out of 7 read):

This year I have a lot of digital games played because pandemics don’t play well with in person board game activities.

Top 10 Steam games (out of 43 played):

I had to break this out into a separate category, since I had a lot of fun experimenting with the Xbox Gamepass for PC functionality this year. The absurdly low price point at the time got me to test out and beat some real gems. I think there’s good value in it for some, but for me owning the game permenantly will be of higher importance. That said, Gamepass has a very strong lineup and this year some of my favorites.

Top 10 Gamepass for PC games (out of 27 played):

Board gaming didn’t really happen this year due to pandemic, but I did play a lot of digital game demos instead. So here are the 10 best demos of the year (out of 37 demos played):





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