GROGPOD: the Going Rogue Gaming Podcast

I’ve complained a lot about roguelikes recently, so it’s only fitting for me to start a podcast on one. This will be a once-every-two-week show focused on the top 100ish roguelike games to release on Steam since 2011. Why so specific? Partly because Steam has the best data for this kind of thing to collect an analyze, but it also gives us an endpoint to focus on. The last podcast I did 11+ years ago didn’t really have a goal to it, so with GROGPOD we’ll at least have something to aim for.

Since the Ultra64 podcast is winding down, it seemed fitting to carry the flame of game ranking and opinionated behavior onwards. My main goals here are 1) to have fun, 2) trick people into playing lesser-known (but still well rated) games, and 3) to see if there are any “hidden gems” in the field that people otherwise gloss over for more recent, popular games.

The idea is to be data-driven and open source as much of the data and process as possible, as I’m sure there’s a hard overlap between people interested in Cogmind, Slay The Spire, and spreadsheets. So stay a while, and listen and I hope you enjoy the new show.





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