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  • Guest Spot: Talking Cogmind on the Ultra64 Podcast

    Guest Spot: Talking Cogmind on the Ultra64 Podcast

    I finally tricked Steve and Woody to play one of my favorite games of all time on the Ultra64 Podcast. Cogmind is 100% a hobby-grade traditional roguelike, but an investment worth making. At least, I’ve found it to be so after 80 hours in thus far. If you’ve ever wanted a game that blends The […]

  • No One Knows What a Roguelike Is Anymore

    No One Knows What a Roguelike Is Anymore

    2022-05-04 edit: credit where credit is due: it seems like Steam has updated some of this data, so “The Problem” section is a little bit fixed. The ideas explored in “A Linguistic Solution” are still relevant, though. Original post follows. I was super excited to see Steam’s most recent themed sale around Roguelikes. I’m a […]

  • Steam Data Science – User Engagement Profiles

    Steam Data Science – User Engagement Profiles

    An early question that motivated the design of my steam_data_science python repository was trying to answer “how much do I really like this game?” The idea originally started because a lot of previous analyses I’ve done always relied on just raw user playtime data to do stuff. The problem is: a lot of my data […]

  • Introducing the Steam_Data_Science repo!

    Introducing the Steam_Data_Science repo!

    A lot of my blog posts have been about the data science of the video game world. In an effort to consolidate my projects into one location specific to the Steam platform, I’m launching the Steam_Data_Science repo on github. The idea here is to collect all sorts of interesting functions to answer questions like: What […]

  • Guest Spot: Talking Halo: Combat Evolved on the Ultra64 Podcast

    Guest Spot: Talking Halo: Combat Evolved on the Ultra64 Podcast

    To celebrate Halo’s recent anniversary, I’m on another guest spot of the Ultra64 Podcast! Always a pleasure being on Steve and Woody’s show.

  • 2021 Top 10s

    2021 Top 10s

    Top 10 Steam games (out of 47 played for 2021): GOTY: Hades Early Access GOTY: Cogmind DLC of the year: Crosscode – A New Home Top 3 Books (out of 7 read for 2021): Jonathan Abrams – All The Pieces Matter (BOTY) Rod Machado – Rod Machado’s Pilot Handbook Edward Tufte – Beautiful Evidence

  • Halo: Data Evolved

    Halo: Data Evolved

    When Halo 2 came out in 2004, it was a watershed moment in videogaming for me. The culmination of a sequel to one of my favorite games, but with online play you say??? It was just an electrifying time to be playing games at the time, and checking my game’s stats on was an […]

  • Space Engine Zen

    Space Engine Zen

    Space Engine is an absolutely jaw dropping space exploration experience for free. Being able to see what a lunar eclipse looks like from the surface of the moon, explore the surface of Pluto using the latest observations from the New Horizons spacecraft, and seeing accurately modeled solar systems for exoplanets are just the tip of […]

  • 2020 top 10s

    2020 top 10s

    Hot on the heels of my long neglected 2019 top 10’s list is my list for the long year of 2020: Top 6 books (out of 7 read): This year I have a lot of digital games played because pandemics don’t play well with in person board game activities. Top 10 Steam games (out of […]

  • 2019 top 10s

    2019 top 10s

    I had been sitting on a top 10 ranking of things all last year and decided to post it now, if I was going to post a 2020 top 10 list as well. So here’s the top books and games I enjoyed for 2019: Top 5 books out of 13:   Top 10 digital games […]